About Me

I grew up in a quiet town on the coast of Maine, about an hour and a half north-east of Portland. The territory is stunningly beautiful and offers a different, picturesque view with every changing season.

Although my home was a bit remote, I realized my excitement and appreciation to work with technology at an early age. Through the cold winters I developed a passion for video games and eventually started ‘modding’ (modifying the internal content of) popular games like Halo 2. I decided to pursue a field related to technology when the time came to expand my education.

I graduated from the University of Maine in May of 2015 with a bachelor of arts in new media and a minor in computer science. I honed my skills in application programming, web development/design, database management, graphic design, game development, modeling physical systems, mathematics, statistics, story telling, microcontroller programming and other digital and analytical technologies. Many projects were team oriented and demanded a professional level of organization, communication and cooperation between teammates.

During my last year at UMaine I had an opportunity to join ASAP Media Services, a small research and development laboratory stationed on campus. Here, I worked with other student employees to develop a variety of web applications. I helped manage, design and produce an informational kiosk, a video archival service, a web-interface for University related systems and entire web-based systems for off-campus clients. I also had a hand in researching and brainstorming a variety of other projects that ASAP had contracted. Projects were always student-run but each Monday every employee would assemble and participate in a Scrum-like discussion. ASAP Media Services also held an open-lab day every Friday where students from the University could receive help from ASAP employees with school-related or personal projects. Here ASAP employees were exposed to unique problems, honed their communication skills and helped give back to the local UMaine community.

I am currently living in Dryden, New York pursuing a career in web application/software development. Please feel free to review my work and contact me if you would like to get in touch.